Simple Tips on how to Dress for Work in Chicago

The winter season brings a lot of challenges to many people.

This is a time you need to ensure that you are well protected from the cold weather that might have adverse effects to your health.

When going to work, you have to still adhere to the dressing code of your workplace despite the cold weather.

However, there are some ways you can dress for work during this season. Here are simple tips on how to dress for work in Chicago winter women.

Simple Tips on how to Dress for Work in Chicago Winter Women (1)

  • Go for black clothes

Even if you are not a fan of black clothes, it is necessary to be flexible and wear them during the winter season.

This is necessary because black clothes tend to retain heat compared to light colored ones. This will make your body warm all the time, thus allowing you to work more effectively.

  • Wear long socks

During the winter season, you will have to protect your legs from cold.

The best way you can do this is to wear warm socks.

However, do not wear those casual ones that might look like leg warmers you wear when going to bed. Look for the ones that match the professional dress that you are wearing for work.

  • Simple Tips on how to Dress for Work in Chicago Winter Women (3)Avoid light shoes

The biggest mistake you can make is to wear light shoes when going to work during the winter.

This is more necessary if the streets are flooded with ice which can be slippery.

You need to wear heavy shoes with good grip to prevent sliding which can cause injuries.

You should also avoid wearing the open shoes during this season.

  • Always wear a sweater

It is during the winter season that you need to wear that heavy sweater you have kept in your wardrobe for a long time.

It will go a long way in protecting you from the harshness of the cold weather out there. If you are the kind of people who like wearing miniskirts, you can decide to wear a long sweater or coat.

You can still wear a long coat and still look professional in your workplace.

  • Wear a scarf and cap/hat

During the winter season, you need to protect your head.Simple Tips on how to Dress for Work in Chicago Winter Women (2)

The best option is to wear that warm official cap.

In addition, you can add the warmth by wearing a scarf around your neck or shoulders.

The scarf should not be those with a lot of decorations that are more appropriate for casual or for partying.